Why Choose NCCR

Experience and innovation combine to make us one of the leading research facilities in the region.

We are an independent multi-therapeutic outpatient clinical research site in Raleigh, NC. We particularly focus on respiratory disorders such as asthma and COPD. With more than 650 studies in various areas, our team  ensures that studies are a positive experience for both sponsors and patients.

We have more than 30 years of experience, and more than 95 percent of our studies have met or exceeded enrollment goals in a timely fashion.  We focus on all phases of clinical trials.

Following are some additional  advantages of working with NCCR:

  • We meet or exceed enrollment expectations.
  • We have an excellent patient compliance and retention record.
  • We offer flexible scheduling for patients.
  • We demonstrate a timely turnaround of regulatory documents and contracts.
  • We utilize both central and local IRBs.
  • We have Standard Operating Procedures in place.
  • We emphasize Good Clinical Practices to meet each sponsor’s needs.
  • We offer easy access to Investigators.

Patient Demographics

We have access to a metropolitan population exceeding one million, including three major universities: University of North Carolina, Duke University and North Carolina State University. In addition, we have a research database of over 7,900 patients.

The Raleigh MSA has a population of more than one million, and the city limits has an estimated population of more than 469,000. Raleigh is the state capital and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.  We are near the Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the United States.

The Research Triangle Area is nationally recognized as one of the top places in the country for pharmaceutical and medical research. Many world-renowned medical companies are nearby, and we work closely with them.

If you are interested in conducting a clinical study at our facility, we invite you to contact us for more information.

What our Sponsors are Saying

  • I have had the excellent opportunity to work closely with NCCR on a huge program starting back in September 2019.  The individuals that make up this team are truly experts in their field and go above and beyond when called on for assistance.

     The team’s daily dedication since our engagement has had an enormous impact in launching this study with quality and timeliness.  All the folks at NCCR are a delight to work with and I always look forward to being on site and hearing about their experiences and receiving their recommendations.

    I continue to be impressed with the team’s attention to their patients, the focus on safety and quality of their work, and in the amount of support extended to me to ensure the success of the program.

    Helen Andrews
  • I’ve been monitoring at North Carolina Clinical Research for over 15 years.  The site staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  They are consistently one of the highest enrolling sites and they produce high quality data.

  • I have had over 2 decades of involvement in clinical trials for respiratory products and have had my share of ups and downs when it comes to the performance of clinical sites. However, I must say that my recent experience with North Carolina Clinical Research in my role as medical director of a small pharma company has been nothing short of delightful. My company has a unique respiratory product with its inherent challenges, but the knowledgeable NCCR staff were key to the successful outcomes of these two studies. I can assure you that the personnel at NCCR have amazingly deep experience and are natural problem-solvers!

    MD, MPH, Medical Director