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I would like more information about a Study! What is the next step?

Apply Online:

To begin the online application process, answer the question below.  If you have not previously been a patient of NCCR, you will be presented a complete application to submit.  We will review your submission to verify that you are a good candidate for one of our studies.   We may ask you to schedule a prescreening appointment to perform preliminary tests (i.e.  Lung functions, skin tests, blood pressure) plus obtain additional medical information.  We schedule by appointment and are open Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 5 pm and Friday 8:30 am – 3 pm. Some studies may allow after or before office hour appointments
  • There is no fee associated for the tests.  Study medication, labs, EKG, physical exam, and other medical tests are at no cost to you.
  • You do not need to have health insurance.  
  • Once enrolled in a study, you will be compensated for your time and travel.  
Some studies we conduct require Healthy Volunteers; basically, this means no significant medical conditions.   If you would like to be on our Healthy Volunteer list please apply online (see below).

Call or Email:

Our phone number is 919-881-0309.  You may email our site recruiter at tjohnson@nccr.com.

Come visit us:

2615 Lake Drive, Suite 301, Raleigh, NC  27607 or click here for detailed directions

Submit Application:

Please complete the questionnaire below and click the "SUBMIT" button when finished. This is a secure email address, and all inquiries will be handled confidentially. We never share your information.

Have you ever participated in a clinical trial at NCCR? Yes No

If yes, it is not necessary to submit an application, instead call us at 919-881-0309 or email tjohnson@nccr.com to discuss potential studies.

Your Name
Phone Numbers
Height: ft   inches
Check the conditions that apply to you: (Check all that apply to you)

If you check Allergy Symptoms, when do they occur? (Check all that apply to you)

For Asthma or COPD, please check the medication you are CURRENTLY USING? (Check all that apply to you)

Smoking History (Check all that apply to you)

Other Medical History: (EX: Migraines, Eczema, High Blood Pressure, Cancer)
Other Current Medications:
Questions or comments:

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