2615 Lake Drive, Suite 301
Raleigh, NC  27607
p: (919) 881-0309
f: (919) 881-9899
e: info@nccr.com

Our facility includes state of the art storage, conference rooms, Internet access, examination rooms  and other amenities.  Find out more...

Facility Description

NCCR’s facilities (newly completed in 2008) include the following:
  • Located across the street from a major medical center
  • Individual monitor areas convenient to telephone, fax, copier and wireless high speed Internet
  • Secured storage for ambient and refrigerated study drug
  • Conference room
  • Fully equipped lab
    • -70° C freezer
    • refrigerated centrifuge
    • Purifier biological safety cabinet (clean hood) 
    • back up generator
    • Sensaphone temperature monitoring system
  • Convenient X-ray facility
  • Examination rooms (8)
  • Spirometry and methacholine challenge rooms
  • Treadmill (excercise challenges)
  • ECG capabilities
  • Easy accessibility to physicians
  • Patient lounge area for extended days
  • Infusion and PK capabilities
  • Overnight facilities with showers and individual sleep areas
  • Pollen reporting
  • Internet capabilities through T-1 access
  • Large flat screen TVs in patient kitchens and lounge with DVD players and wide array of DVD selections.
  • Children's games, books, arts and crafts, Wii gaming system and activities planned for pediatric studies.

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